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The team at MacLeod McCulloch are truly outstanding Sales Trainers who have helped my personal development no end. An excellent listener who provides clear, helpful advice in a way that is easy to absorb, they stand head and shoulders above all the other sales trainers I have worked with. Able to instantly build rapport with the people they work with, they were well liked and respected throughout the company.

I had the pleasure of not only working with Alex at previous recruitment businesses but also being mentored by him through my CIPD training qualification. Alex set a great example of what I wanted to aspire to as a trainer - impeccable standards and a real instinct for what makes truly impactful training. With Alex´s support, often working late to coach me through the delivery of my training sessions or reviewing my dissertations in his spare time, I was able to secure a Distinction for the challenging Certificate in Training Practice. This has helped lay a secure foundation for my continued success in roles as a training specialist.

The MacLeod McCulloch team are a major support to me. Even if not directly responsible for me, they acted as role-models and inspiring senior colleagues. Their attitude towards my career and development is highly professional and they have always been prepared to invest the extra bit that people need to achieve their successes.

Most important to me was the fact that he was always there as a mentor and colleague when my team needed advice and guidance.

Very simply, my business makes more money when we engage MacLeod McCulloch.

MacLeod McCulloch are patient, perceptive and adept sales trainers, as comfortable and effective leading a group through a complex topic as they are working one-on-one to enhance an individual skill.

I benefited from training delivered by MacLeod McCulloch over several years, both open courses and more freeform individual training, and still reap the rewards of his efforts. Very highly recommended.

As a trainer or coach it´s not good enough to be knowledgeable about your subject. People, individually or as a group or a team, need to feel you know them. Alex has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sales and sales training industry, applying a number of different approaches depending on a given situation or desired outcome. But what makes him stand out amongst many in his field is his ability to engage you and make you feel that you are understood. I think when you couple this with a background of working in and with very results driven organisations you have a trainer and coach who delivers what they say they will.

I always looked forward to training with MacLeod McCulloch as I found them an intuitive, patient and kind team. They identify with ease which areas I needed support with and give me realistic solutions and the drive to continue in an extremely pressured environment. I would like to personally thank them for all of their support and know I wouldn´t achieve the same results without them.

I use MacLeod McCulloch when developing the sales team – we work with high value products and sell to senior managers within the European IT industry. MacLeod McCulloch have always understood what we are trying to change and often select fresh, innovative ways to enable us to achieve our businesses goals.

We use MacLeod McCulloch to design and run graduate assessment centers, at first we made sure that we were always in attendance. Due to the way MacLeod McCulloch understand our business objectives and how we want to achieve them, we now no longer feel the need to attend the whole day and are very happy for MacLeod McCulloch to identify high quality candidates before we invest further time and effort.